1. PWM Charging Mode. 2. Friendly human-machine interface. 3. Perfect protection function. 4. Remote Communication Function. 5. The optional dry contact signal output function. 6. The optional temperature compensation function. 7. The optional off-line storage module. 8. Optional MPPT Charging Function. 9. The optional touch screen display.

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Off-grid type wind and solar complementary power supply system is mainly composed of wind turbine, solar module, controller, energy storage battery, off-grid inverter, AC DC load and other parts. The system is a composite renewable energy power generation system integrating wind, solar and battery power generation technologies and system intelligent control technology. Wind turbine Use wind turbine to convert wind energy into mechanical energy, convert mechanical energy into electrical energy through wind turbine, and then charge energy storage battery through controller Solar Module Use the photovoltaic effect of solar modules to convert light energy into electrical energy, and charge the energy storage battery through the controller Controller According to the changes of sunshine intensity, wind power and load, the controller continuously switches and adjusts the working state of the storage battery: on the one hand, the adjusted electric energy is sent directly to the DC load. On the other hand, the excess power is sent to the storage battery for storage. When the power generation cannot meet the needs of the load, the controller will send the power from the storage battery to the load, and when the power generation exceeds the needs of the load and the storage battery, the controller will control by PWM to ensure the continuity and stability of the whole system. Off-grid inverter Convert the DC power from the energy storage battery into stable AC power to provide AC load, automatically cut off the power supply to the load when the energy storage battery is under-voltage, and automatically provide power supply to the load when the under-voltage is recovered, and also cut off the power supply to the load when the load is short-circuited or overloaded Energy storage battery Generally, it is composed of multiple energy storage batteries connected in series and parallel, which play the role of energy regulation and load balancing in the system. The electrical energy output from wind turbines and solar modules is converted into chemical energy and stored for use when the power supply is insufficient in the north.

Product Features

Technical Parameters

Parameters WWS10-48 WWS20-48 WWS30-120
Rated Battery Voltage 48V 48V 120V
Rated Wind Turbine Input Power 1kw 2kw 3kw
Maximum Wind Turbine Input Power 2kw 3kw 4.5kw
Wind turbine brake current 22A 42A 25A
Rated solar Input Power 300W 600W 800W
Charge Shutoff Voltage 58V 58V 145V
Stand by power loss ≤65mA ≤65mA ≤65mA
Display mode LCD
Cool mode Fan
Reverse battery protection Anti-reverse-connection protection device in the inside of controller
Open circuit protection The controller will not be demaged if the battary in open circuit
Solar anti-charge protection Battery don’t charge PV board in reverse
Solar anti-reverse protection The controller will not be damaged when the PV is reverse-connection
Manual brake Wind generator stop turning or slowing turning
Lightning protection Lightning protection in inside of the controller
Protection grade IP(Indoor)
Insulation resistance Resistance between DC/AC input and the housing≧50ΜΩ
Ambient Temperature & Humidity Range Ambient Temperature & Humidity Range
Altitude Altitude
Dimensions (L x W x H) 445×425×170mm Controller:440×300×170mm; Dumpload box:770×390×180mm
Net Weight 11kg Controller :7.5 kg; Dump load box:17 kg


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