1. Strong wind resistance 2. The principle of horizontal rotation and vertical blades, so that it is subject to wind pressure, can withstand 45 meters per second of super typhoon. 3. Because of its different design structure and operation principle, compared with other wind turbines, it has smaller turning radius, saves space and improves efficiency.  

Products Details

The cage type vertical axis wind turbine is suitable for use in areas or occasions where wind resources are good and utility power is inconvenient, especially when combined into a scenery complementary power supply system, which can partially or completely replace utility power and meet the power requirements of various electrical appliances within its rated output power. The company's products have small size and light weight, tail fin adjustment, 360 ° all-round wind, low starting wind speed, natural wind (1.5m/s) can start, applicable to small wind areas, high utilization rate of wind energy. The use of maintenance-free, high reliability, easy installation and erection, anti-vibration, ultra-silent, high safety, long working life and other characteristics. Especially in urban construction, the use of wind and wind complementary control of the street light power supply system, in the use of green energy at the same time more to the city to increase a beautiful scenery.


Technical Parameters

Model R-300 R-400 R-600 R-800 R-1000
Generator power 300W 400W 600W 800W 1000W
Wheel diameter 0.9m 0.9m 0.9m 0.9m 0.9m
Turbine height 0.6m 0.6m 0.6m 0.6m 0.6m
Blades material Nylon fiber
Number of blades 5
Rated wind speed 11m/s
Start-up wind turbine 2m/s
Survival wind turbine 45m/s
Output voltage 12V/24v
Generator type 3 phase AC PMG
Control system Electromagnet
Speed regulation Automatically adjust windward direction
Lubrication way Lubrication grease
Working temperature From -40 to 80 centigrade


Damage requiring service Stop using the  Generator Wind Turbine and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following conditions: If your  Generator Wind Turbine has been dropped or damaged in any way When your  Generator exhibits a distinct change in performance

Application areas

Cage type vertical axis wind turbine is widely used in scattered households, posts, weather stations, roads, landscapes, community lighting and monitoring, communication base stations, ships and other fields. Its unique advantages are very prominent in the field of urban road construction, landscaping and other municipal lighting. It not only makes full use of natural resources, but also adds color to the natural landscape. Application areas include but not limited to A. Wind and landscape complementary street light electricity system B.Industrial, agricultural, commercial, academic, military, agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and other electricity systems C.Communication base station D.Road monitoring E.Household  

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